garden flowerpots

KAMA flower flowerpots can be used outdoors, thanks to materials, of which they are made of glass - vinylester and polyester composites are resistant to water, sun rays, high and low temperatures. Those materials are not harmed also by biological factors, like mildew, fungus and insects. Our garden flowerpots stay in perfect condition for long years without losing its splendor and beauty.

The external layer of composite is called the gel-coat, which is extremely hard and damage resistant. This is a big advantage of our pots on the products of other manufacturers, which are usually painted or even made โ€‹โ€‹of polyethylene and are very easily scratched. Additionally, due to the mirrored surface and excellent smoothness is greatly reduced deposition of impurities on the articles KAMA flower.

Plants can be planted directly in pots or optionally in special cartridges greatly facilitate the work associated with plant. Products are available in eight models, five heights and four standard colors, so you can perfect fit to the natural environment, equipment terrace or style facade.