KAMA flower is a producer of indoor / outdoor flowerpots – they can be used in interiors flowerpots and as garden flowerpots, which are highly resistant to external conditions.

Plants can be planted in two ways: directly in the flowerpot or in additional container placed inside the flowerpot. Containers are available for all models and sizes of flowerpots. Their size is sufficient for most of plants. Containers with plants can be taken out of the flowerpots (containers have handles), making all works connected with plants easier.

KAMA flower flowerpots (except line Parga) are available also in version equipped with small wheels, which allow for trouble-free transport and rearrangement of flowerpots. It is recommended to keep plant in container, in case of flowerpots with wheels, as thank to it, less soil is in the flowerpot and thus the flowerpot is lighter and easier to move. Wheels are placed in a cavity of flowerpot’s bottom and, because of that, are almost completely hidden.

Our flowerpots are very light and durable. Additionally, plants can be placed in containers, instead in flowerpots directly. It allows to significantly decrease mass of flowerpot with plant and to use KAMA flowerpots safely on balconies, rooftops and terraces.