large flowerpots

KAMA flower produces large flowerpots with heights of up to 125 cm and a diameter of 130 cm. This size allows to plant even large plants in them. Thanks to this, you can create a spectacular, impressive and very desirable arrangements in the representative locations, such as hotels, company receptions, shopping centers, car showrooms and more. In such places, perfectly suits the artificial plants, which - if they are of high quality, are virtually indistinguishable from natural plants.

Flowerpots KAMA flower can also be used outdoors thanks to their outstanding resistance to weather conditions - sun, water, heat and cold. It successfully prove themselves as elements of urban architecture in the streets and parks.

Plants can be planted directly in pots or in additional containers, which are also available in our offer. Moving the pots will greatly facilitate the optional wheels.

Flowerpots are manufactured in eight designs. All of them are available in various sizes and colors. Their wide selection allows for unique compositions beautifying any place.