large flowerpots

When choosing the type and size of flowerpots should be noted if we can bring large flowerpots - especially XL and XXL, on the planned place. Sometimes the limitation are dimensions of doors and windows.

Flowerpots produced by KAMA flower are very light and extremely durable at the same. It is the merit of the project, the materials used and technology. Flowerpots weight depends on their shape and it is for size S - 3 to 4 kg, M - 5 to 7 kg, L - 7 to 9 kg, XL 18 - 24 kg, and XXL 26 - 34 kg. So lightweight flowerpots can be easily transported and set up anywhere. Do not make too much difficulty even pulling them up on the roof or on the terrace of the building, if they are too large to bring the staircase.

Flowerpots filled with soil, directly into them, can be very heavy. Soil density is about 1.5 kg per liter, so XXL size flowerpots filled with soil can weight about 1000 – 1500 kg. This makes them difficult to move. Remember also to make certain if e.g. a balcony where you want to put a KAMA flower flowerpots is strong enough to withstand its weight. To decrease the weight of the flowerpots, it is more convenient to plant plants in containers.

KAMA flower flowerpots (except line Parga) can be equipped with small wheels – option available on request. Wheels are most suitable choice for hard surfaces. Ability to move the flowerpots around makes especially cleaning easier and quicker. Plants have to be planted in the inserts rather than in the flowerpots directly, if the flowerpots has wheels. Otherwise it would be to heavy to move it freely.