KAMA flower has introduced to production a series of Magic Island, so our flowerpots could be an unusual decoration of ponds and pools. The flowerpots floating in water give another dimension to your baths.
Floating Magic Island series could decorate each pond or pool. Islands with flowers could create a remarkable scene and magical atmosphere.
Magic Island series is now available for all sizes and models of Manacor and for Olib – one size flowerpot. Other models may occur in this version, too.
The flowerpots must be adequately loaded for proper floatage on the water surface. (excluding the Olib). We deliver suitable ballast weights with comfortable handles which must be placed inwards. With this solution the transport of flowerpots will not be troublesome, and the installation should be quick and easy.

The flowerpot hole must be seal by means of additional special the composite insert - it is necessary that after the flooding of flowerpot, for example, by rain water or splashing from the pool, the flowerpot does not sink.

Proper container with a plant is placed in that additional insert. The holes are made in the container and at the bottom before planting the plants should be put the appropriate drainage layer.
The excess of water (derived from rainfall, irrigation or pool) will be flowed from additional composite insert on the outside through a pipe connecting the insert and the bottom of the pot. The possible contamination from the soil to be retained on a special filter, so as not to get through to the pool.To prevent the moving of the composition by wind and waves, flower pots are fixed using special anchors. The anchor is a kind of the sinker covered with rubber layer as not to cause damage to the bottom of the pool.
A rope connecting the anchor and pot is easily detachable so its length can be adjusted according to the depth.
The rope length should be chosen so that it remains as much as possible in a vertical position - this will limit the movement of the flowerpot. The rope hitch is hidden in a recess in the bottom of the pot, so that flowerpot could evenly settled down on the bottom after draining the water from the pool.
For a change the flowerpot of Magic Island in floating minibar, instead of flowers can be placed in a special pot insert. The insert has thermally insulated pocket designed for the champagne bucket.