strength and durability

KAMA flower flowerpots are made of composite consisting of glassfibre, polyester and vinylester resin. It is the same technology, that is widely used to manufacture yachts. We use the best available materials, which guarantee high quality. Thanks to it we are able to offer premium quality products.

KAMA flowerpots can be used in interiors and in exteriors, they are highly resistant to all weather conditions. Our flowerpots are not fragile and thus are much more resistant and durable than ceramic or plastic flowerpots manufactured by other producers. KAMA flower flowerpots’ surface is perfectly smooth and glossy and thus remains clean for much longer than flowerpots made of ceramic or lower quality plastics. Our flowerpots are great decoration of gardens, parks and streets.

The outer layer of colorful flowerpots KAMA flower has a large thickness, which is extremely hard and protects against damage. This is a big advantage of our flowerpots in comparison to other manufacturers using plastic coated. In exceptional cases, scratching flowerpots, marks can be removed by grinding and polishing scratches to original surface gloss. It is possible due to the large thickness of the outer layer.

Kamaflower flowerpots do not require any treatments or preservatives. To clean, you can use all cleaning agents which do not contain abrasives.