For emphasis beauty of the plants also at night KAMA has created a unique system of lighting them from below – Sunshine series. Energy-efficient LED lights illuminating the plants are mounted on the top of flowerpot close to the hole.
Power supply is a set of easily replaceable alkaline batteries or rechargeable batteries suitable placed in a special container hidden in the recess in the bottom of the pot. Access to it is possible by tilting the pot. For it was not bothersome, it is recommended that the plant is not planted directly in the flowerpot, but in the container. The container with batteries can be taken off and placed next to the pot for easy replacement.
Very low current consumption LED light Sunshine system provides many hours of the backlight plants. One major advantage of the Sunshine system is that the low voltage power supply ensures complete safety for users. In addition, the lack of power cables makes that pots can be placed anywhere also in the garden so everyone could enjoy the magic illuminated plants.
For commercial applications, where plants should be highlighted all the time, we have provided a version of Sunshine powered with 230 V mains. For security reasons, this solution can be used only indoors.